The pygmy seahorse, or as those in the world of scientific and aquatic research know it, the hippocampus bargibanti, is a species that is small and that can easily be missed if you aren’t looking closely. The critter measures less than 3 cm from head to tail. You will only find this tiny being on a specific type of coral. This keeps them safe from predators as they look very similar in colour and texture to the actual coral. In fact, these little guys are so good at blending in that the species itself was discovered entirely by accident by a group of researchers looking to explore samples of the coral they live on. Because they are so small and so easily missed, it is hard for anyone to know anything much about the number and amount of these that exist across the world.

The photographs that do exist are taken with high resolution and quality cameras and give insight into the interesting makeup and appearance of this species.

So next time you are diving and come across some coral, look closer

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