Newbie divers are in for a thrill. Wearing snorkelling gear and a wet suit is only half the fun. The benefits of diving are huge for a diver’s physical and mental health. Let’s explore three ways that diving benefits the body and mind.


Swimming is an important aspect of diving. By moving the arms and legs through the water, a diver is exercising. Repetitive movement stimulates the body and burns calories. Preparing to dive is also beneficial. As a diver lifts equipment, he is strengthening his arms and legs. Exercise in the water and on the boat improves a diver’s cardiovascular health, helping the diver to lose fat and build muscle, diving ranks high for healthy activities.


Seasoned divers know that controlling breathing is vital to participating in the hobby. Deep breaths improve mental attitude, which is one reason that yoga and meditation are so popular. With diving, the principles are the same. Controlled breathing helps a diver stay below longer. Good divers maintain a positive frame of mind by breathing deeply. The practice increases a diver’s respiratory strength and balances the body’s nervous system. Deep breathing while diving has extensive physical health benefits, such as more energy, better circulation, and optimal functioning of the body’s systems.


Experts view water submersion as a form of therapy. The Weightless feeling divers experience helps the body to relax. Like quiet contemplation, diving helps a person to focus on breathing and clear his thoughts. In the beauty of underwater life, the experience distresses the mind and invigorates the body.

In the underwater world, the colours of beautiful fish can improve a diver’s mood. Even the deep blueness of the sea is calming. For new divers, the experience may create a euphoric feeling from the combination of exercise, water submersion, and scenic views.

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