There is lots of equipment required in order to be able to successfully scuba dive and to do so in a way that’s both safe and enjoyable. Some of the equipment you’ll need to start your diving journey includes:

  • Wetsuit; these come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. When shopping for one, no matter which style you pick, be sure to check and make sure it fits properly. If the suit is too big, it won’t serve its purpose and if it is too small, it will not be comfortable or effective.
  • Fins; these are what allow you to control your movement in the water and also allow you to more efficiently propel yourself through the water which is also effective when in dangerous or potentially risky situations.
  • Scuba gloves; these are gloves made out of special and durable material that help protect your hands as you will be exposed to different textures and potentially sharp and rough surfaces and objects.
  • Air tank; this is a crucial part of diving as it is one of the integral elements to ensure that you survive and are able to breathe underwater. Be sure to buy the right size for the dive you plan on doing as well as one that, if considering second hand purchases, is in good shape.
  • Regulator; the tank is nothing without its good friend the regulator. This is the actual device that turns the compressed air in your tank into breathable oxygen while you are under water.
  • Computer; not your laptop or desktop PC, but rather a diving computer which is a relatively recent innovation that allows divers to see various metrics such as how long you have been underwater, how far you’ve gone and some even allow you to see your heart rate and other metrics.
  • Snorkel; snorkels are not something that are used but rather are carried as a safety or backup mechanism. More experienced divers do not feel as inclined to carry a snorkel, but it is certainly helpful for newer or less experienced divers.
  • Camera; one piece of equipment that is not for safety purposes, but rather something helpful for you to remember is a camera. Investing in an underwater camera, even a lower end one, can be a great way to capture and take photos of all of things and species you encounter when you are below water.
  • Extra accessories; there are endless accessories you can buy and use when diving. It is important to do your research into what you need, want, and what these accessories do. Some may help you keep your mask de-fogged, others may be reflective gear for night time diving, the innovation and selection is nearly endless.

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