Below are some of the most interesting, unique and hard to find species in the entire world and are among the species that live at the deepest part of the ocean;

  • Frilled sharks; these unique species are found at depths of up to 5000 feet or 1500 metres below sea level. These interesting species are basically dinosaurs and have some of the same characteristics of the species that were alive during this time period. This was fist discovered in more shallow water in 2007 but unfortunately ended up passing away just short hours after being caught,
  • Atlantic Wolffish; these creepy looking fish live up to 500 metres below sea level and they measure over 1 metre long. There is not much information about the numbers of this species as they are hard to find and to study.
  • Fangtooth fish; another somewhat scary looking fish, this was one of the deepest living species ever found, having been found at depths that measure as far as 2000 metres below sea level. These fish are small but their teeth, proportionally are actually the largest of any fish.
  • Vampire squid; This squid lurks at the comfortable depth of 2000-3000 metres below sea level. These squid have powerful eyes, proportionately the largest of any animal on Earth, that help them navigate the black waters. The vampire name refers to its webbed arms that appear to be a vampire like cloak.
  • Pacific Viperfish; the jagged, narrow and needle teeth are so big that the fish cannot close its mouth. Though they only measure 25 centimetres in length, they have a high prey drive and are able to lure their food with photophores located on their bodies.

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