Barracuda Point is, shockingly, is a great place to see barracuda fish first hand. But the barracuda is just one fish that you will be able to see if you dive at Barracuda point, as it is full of marine life from plants to the largest and most rare species of fish. Barracuda point is known, across the world as one of the best, arguably the number one place to dive in the entire world. Divers from all over the world come to see the jacks, parrotfish, lobsters, and of course the beautiful reefs that extend down hundreds of feet into the depths of the ocean. Many more experience divers who make it over 60 feet under, get to see and sharks. More amateur and novice divers are able to see the infamous barracuda at about 40m, so much more shallow. Those who enjoy the reef and the microlife can swim along the channel walls and see everything from little scorpion fish to crabs. Some of the other species found in the area are turtles, sharks, different rays and some of the most unique species of fish in the world.

This diver’s heaven is located in Sipadan, or more formally known as Pulau Sipadan. This unique location is the only island of its kind in Malaysia. It is located 600m above sea level and is found off of the east coast of Malaysia. The actual composition of the island was originally live corals that grew and formed on top an inactive and old volcano. The location is right in the middle of what is known as the Indo- Pacific basin which is why it has some of the most diverse and plentiful populations of marine life and different species. There are, in face, over 400 different species of marine life that call Sipadan their home. The site is also great for diving because it offers something for every type of diver. For new divers, it is a great place to learn, offering a great learning and educational environment and for those who are more experienced, there are more advanced opportunities as well.

As previously mentioned, many people go diving at the site to see the illusive and fascinating barracuda. For those who may not know, a barracuda is a very large predatory fish. Its looks are quite terrifying and it has an attitude to match. These fish only live in saltwater and in tropical as well as subtropical climates. These fish can grow quite large and they are capable of reaching high speeds to attack and eat their prey. They can present danger to swimmers if swimmers and divers are not savvy and aware of the behaviour of this species.

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