Here are some different types of rays that you may encounter on your next dive:

  • Sting Ray; These smooth rays are some of the most common rays to be seen at the more popular diving sites and even for swimmers in more shallow water. Not only is it the most common, but also some of the largest. Specifically, the short-tail stingray is the largest sting ray in the entire world.
  • Blue spotted ray; this is a more colourful ray and can be recognized and characterized by its bright blue, nearly polka dots on its back. These rays are most commonly found in places like Africa, Japan and some even in Japan.
  • Eagle Ray; these rays live in the more open areas of the ocean whereas other rays swim along the bottom of the sea. These rays can also be identified with their longer tails compared to other types and species of rays.
  • Spotted Eage Ray; this is known as one of the more rare rays but also one of the most sought after because it is so beautiful. It can be described as a deep blue body with small white spots. It is no small ray, weighing in anywhere from 200 to over 500 lbs and measuring a wingspan of over 8m.
  • Manta Ray; these are the largest of all of the rays and are, by biological composition, a member of the eagle ray family. These are tropical rays that are somehow both huge and very agile at the same time. They are impressive creatures that can move surprisingly quickly given their size and their weight.

These rays are beautiful and each one has its unique traits and characteristics and can be found in different parts of the world. They are relatively harmless creatures if and when their habitat and environment are respected.

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